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Smart Power Socket

Does your business depend on a reliable power supply?

Where do people use iSocket?



House and Business

House and Business

Aquaculture and Horticulture

Aquaculture and Horticulture

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

A power outage can immediately impact your customers and affect your revenue.
This simple device can help you.

The Telstra 3G network will be discontinued at the end of 2024. Our existing stock of the iSocket has been reduced to $210 (including GST) due to the limited life of the service. Full warranty and service conditions still apply.

iSocket is a critical piece of equipment for your business or home

iSocket is an smart device that can be adapted to either monitor the power supply to an appliance or control the power supply to the same appliance.   Relaying notification of a power supply issue could be critical to your business or in the home.  Maybe just the convenience of controlling your electrical appliances is what you are after, the iSocket can do this as well. You can turn on a refrigerator remotely, stop a pump remotely, reboot your router remotely and many other options. You can do these operations with any appliance that is fitted with a 240 volt 3 pin plug.

What features does your iSocket have?

The power outage alert is the main feature of this iSocket model. But there are extra useful features included as standard.

SMS Response

iSocket will respond with a SMS when power fails or is restored following a failure as long as the mobile network is available.

Free Smartphone Apps

Smartphone applications are available free for ease of operating the iSocket

Inbuilt Security

iSocket has inbuilt security to protect your business equipment


Monitors & Reports

With the provided sensors, the iSocket can monitor and report on temperature variations in water, oil, solids and the general environment

Made in Europe

The iSocket is designed and manufactured in Europe

Tech Information Provided

Technical information is provided with each unit and is also available from THIS LINK or by email.

Certified Australian

Certified for Australia

authorised australian distrubution
Authorised Distributor
30 day money-back guarantee
30 day money back guarantee
You can return a product if you are not fully satisfied.
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PayPal Verified
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certified mobile networks

Works on major mobile networks in Australia

Certified Australian

Free support

Useful Information

The iSocket is manufactured in Europe and meets AUS/NZ standards for plugs and sockets.
There are no ongoing subscription fees for the iSocket. The only cost is the operating cost of the SIM card and rates are dependent on the data plan chosen.
Coverage will be dependent on the SIM card provider.  Data shows that the largest coverage is available from the Telstra network for regional areas.  Other providers are available in urban centres however ALERT240 currently only stock iSocket units that will operate within the Telstra bandwidth.
Each SIM card provider offer plans and services for the coverage available.  It is recommended to purchase a SIM card with the best coverage and long or no expiry dates for pay-as-you-go services.
Each SIM card provider will have an activation method using an online or telephone service.  Ensure that there is no passcode active on the SIM card.  Most prepaid SIM cards do not have a passcode active when purchased.  A SIM card can have the passcode removed by installing into a mobile phone and deactivating in the settings functions.
You can checkout securely with your PayPal account or pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit card or a debit card on the PayPal website.


Reduce the impact of your next power failure with iSocket.

The Telstra 3G network will be discontinued at the end of 2024. Our existing stock of the iSocket has been reduced to $210 (including GST) due to the limited life of the service. Full warranty and service conditions still apply.
iSocket Smart Power Socket
The impact of a power failure can be costly and the smart use of power can save you money.  The iSocket can do both with minimal ongoing costs.

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